The SteerStopper® components explained

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 a few reasons you will benefit from a SteerStopper®

1. Decreased frustration from your bike falling over.  

2. It's easier to carry your bike when the front wheel isn't flopping.

3. Easy access to your panniers without having to wrestle with your bike.  

4. Save $$ in damage to you bike from unnecessary falls.

5. Ideal for Recumbent, Tandem, Single and E-Bikes!

6. Got a car top rack?  Your tandem or single bicycle will now be much easier to load!

7. 100% designed, manufactured and hand-assembled in the U.S.A.  It works with fenders, too!

8. Holds your steering bearing preload when you change your stem height. 

9. Easier to push your loaded touring bike from behind, up steep hills. 

10. Holds your steering straight when your bike is on the work stand.

11.  Easier for your riding partner to hold your bike while you do... whatever.

12.  Easily lean two bikes together without kickstands, as long as they both have SteerStoppers®

13.  Keeps your bar-end shifters from whacking your top tube every time the wheel flops. 



Kit includes:

  • 1 SteerStopper® (The Clamp + Lever Assembly)

  • 1 Receiver (the black clip) to fit your top tube. You choose the correct size and order as separate item.

  • 1 Brake Application Device.

  • 1 Protective Strip To Protect Your Paint.

  • 1 No-Fuss, Reusable Packaging.



Will The SteerStopper® will fit my bike? 


Check your Steering System for the clamp & Lever Assembly:

Threadless Steer System, 1-1/8", YES - This is the most common size and is the size of the SteerStopper.

Quill Stem, YES (classic/old style) fitted using a spacer, sold separately.

Threadless Steer System 1", YES (less common) fitted using a spacer, sold separately.


Measure your Top Tube (The  Diameter & Shape for the Receiver:

1-1/8" (28.57mm dia.) round tube: Yes

1-1/4" (31.75 dia.) round tube: Yes

1-1/2" (38.1mm dia.) round tube: Yes

Braze-on Style:  Great option if your bike is being custom built or refurbished.  A nut is brazed to the top tube and the receiver is installed with a screw.

Universal Fit:  Now Available!  Fits non-round top tubes.  Maximum diameter is 2-1/2" (63mm)

The easiest way to determine your top tube diameter is to use a flexible measuring tape and measure the circumference and then divide by 3.14.  If you don't have a flexible measuring tape, you can use a piece of masking tape to wrap the tube, then measure the length & do the math.

Photo showing where receiver mounts, approximately 4-1/2-inches back from the Steerer tube


If your cables or braze-ons are in the way, contact us for options.  We like problem solving.


Specifications, Aluminum:

  • Clamp+Lever Assembly: CNC machined T6061-T6 Aluminum, Anodized Black

  • Spring: Custom Engineered, Stainless Steel Torsion

  • Bushing: Bronze

  • Hardware: 18-8 Stainless Steel

  • Receiver: CNC machined Delrin® or ABS

  • Weight: Clamp+Lever 2.75 oz. (78gr)

  • Weight: Receiver .25 oz. to 1oz. depending on version

  • Warranty: Lifetime, excluding Receiver

  • Note: This version is recommended for bikes with front panniers due to its extra strength

Specifications, Delrin®: 

  • Clamp+Lever Assembly: Delrin® (Delrin® is a brand name for a homoploymer plastic)

  • Spring: Custom Engineered, Stainless Steel Torsion

  • Hardware: 18-8 Stainless Steel

  • Receiver: CNC Machined Delrin® or ABS

  • Warranty: One Year, excluding Receiver

Four bikes with SteerStoppers, two with stands and two without, holding each other upright.

Four bikes with SteerStoppers, two with stands and two without, holding each other upright.